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We can radically change the benefit and value of your brand using customer habits and rational and emotional strategies (Micro) coupled with establised mathematical models of consumer behavior (Macro). We use brand familiarity and novelty in pushing innovative and effective marketing strategies.

Brand Strategy

Our brand building framework is distinctly different from older branding strategies, as it is focused more on the relationship between the consumers and the brand, instead of purley stategizing against the competition. In this way, we develop the brand's social impact and staying-power without compromising its value.

Brand Building Framework

Brand Equity

Case Studies

  • Clarified equity and developed innovation strategy for a Food & Juice Global Lifestyle Brand
    Food & Juice Global Lifestyle Brand Leader
  • Developed equity and marketing strategies for the largest US Food Retail and eCommerce Company
    Food Retail & eCommerce Company (Largest supermarket chain in US, 3rd globally)
  • Adapted DEA Brand Building Framework for an iconic global apparel and accessories company
    Global Apparel & Accessories Industry (Iconic Outdoor and activity-based lifestyle and workwear brands)
  • Implented first ever Brand Building Framework for the largest US Supermarket and eCommerce chain
    Implented first ever Brand Building Framework for the largest US Supermarket and eCommerce chain
  • Created a Brand Building Framework for a top US Food/Packaged Goods Company, based on behavioral science, laws of growth, & disruption theory
    US Food Processing/Packaged Foods Industry
  • Provided the scientific basis for "Transforming Brands 4 Life" framework for a Global Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Company
    Global Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Company


Our innovative strategies are made to increase brand value keeping in mind what the consumers need based on current social, commercial, and economic trends.

Disruptive Innovation
& Innovation Strategy

Daniel created and taught a course on brand innovation strategy at Rotman School of Business in Toronto, Canada for two years. He applied his frameworks to help clients discern how to disrupt new categories, and how to prevent being disrupted.

Commercial Innovation

Daniel led Procter & Gamble's Commercial Innovation effort for 8 years with over $1Billion in NPV created. DEA has six different Commercial Innovation workshops to train your marketers how to grow the business without relying on a product technical change.

Case Studies

  • Evaluated and prioritized innovations for the future of the connected car for the largest American automobile manufacturer
    Automotive Industry (Multi-national, Largest American automobile manufacturer) Ranked #13 Fortune 500
  • Led a workshop to clarify and prioritize innovation strategy for a top Consumer Goods Company
    Global Consumer Goods Company
  • Developed an approach for Franchise Innovation Strategies & Brand Experience Journeys for a top Global Consumer Goods Company
    Global Consumer Goods Company (Tied for 1st in industry)
  • Led 8-year focus for a leading Consumer Goods Company on Commercial Innovation yielding over $1B in NPV---Value, Consumption, Cause Marketing, etc.
    Global Consumer Goods Company (Tied for 1st in industry)
  • Global Software Development & Consumer Electronics(Ranked #1 Fortune 500)
    Conducted a workshop on Value Reframing for a Fortune 500 Global Software Development and Consumer Electronics Company
  • Facilitated "surprisingly obvious" workshops and provided team consulting for a leading global dish care brand, established communication design cues used in the final product and commercial development which led to product launch.
    Global Consumer Goods Company (Tied for 1st in industry)
  • Led multi-functional team for a top Global Consumer Products company through "surprisingly obvious" Idea Development, naming, benefit articulation and demo for disruptive new super premium device and refill for a beauty brand that was heralded at the 2018, 2019 and 2020 CES shows, going to market in Fall 2020.
    Global Consumer Goods Company (Tied for 1st in industry)
  • Provided cognitive cue assessment for a global family care brand to explain why a project was not achieving booklet objectives, resulting in the reallocation of funding to other projects and five additional consulting engagements across the category.
    Family Care Category

Shopper Marketing

Our team includes global thought leaders on packaging/shelf and shopper marketing, including e-commerce.

Shelf & Packaging Behavioral Audit

We conduct an audit of all aspects of your packaging and shelf execution based on cognitive/behavioral science and Laws of Growth. Clients in apparel, home devices, and others have gained actionable guidance in as little as one week for both in-store and equity strategies based on this assessment.

e-Commerce Shopper Habit Change

We employ the science of habit change to understand how to convert consumers to e-Commerce and make it easy for them to shop consistently with you. This is especially true with making permanent the changes many consumers have taken on during Covid-19.

Case Studies

  • Redesigned product packaging on urgent timing for a Wal-Mart shelf reset for an Organic Snack Company
    Organic Snack Industry (Organic Plant-based Snacks for Healthy Lifestyle)
  • Studied a brand's business history to conduct a package & shelf assessment for a water filtration company
    Water-filtration Company
  • Conducted a Shopper Marketing workshop for a Fortune 500 Global Tool & Accessories Company
    Worldwide Hardware Industry / Tool & Accessories (consumer & professional products) Fortune 500 Company
  • Conducted behavioral assessment of the marketing and retail presence of a Global Retail and Fashion brand in the UK
    Global Brand in Retail & Fashion Industry

Behavior Quant Studies

DEA has partnered for 8 years with social psychologist and world habit expert, David Neal PhD and Catalyst Behavioral Sciences, on both consumer and public health studies to develop and measure the potential of new behavior change interventions.

Behaviorally-Predictive Segmentation

Catalyst Behavioral Sciences & DEA excel in studying how to achieve behavior change in both commercial and public health contexts. We do this by studying how people in a population vary in the conscious and non-conscious predictive drivers of the desired behavior.

Behavior Change Quant Studies

Catalyst Behavioral Sciences & DEA study specific behavior change objectives and how to effect a behavior change with communication and innovation. This is finalized with a quant study that is more predictive of future consumer and public health behavior than traditional purchase intent and attitudinal ratings purchase or usage.

Case Studies

  • Developed breakthrough segmentation for a global electronic technology company that changed their marketing model
    Global Semiconductors Industry / Electronic Technology (computer, networking, data storage and communications platforms)
  • Studied 6 sexual & reproductive health behaviors across 9 developing geographies for the world's largest private foundation
    Private foundation (largest in the world) globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and, in the U.S., to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology
  • Studying conscious & non-conscious drivers around the participation (or non-participation) of the Diabetes Prevention Program (In process)
  • Developed behavioral interventions to increase HH penetration and consumption for a leading energy supplement brand
    Worldwide brand - Effervescent drink and vitamin tablets
  • Developed behavioral interventions to increase share for a digestive health brand vs it's competitor
    Heartburn and indigestion brand (digestive health)
  • Developed behavioral interventions to increase HH penetration and share for a global hair care brand in China
    Global Hair Care Products Brand
  • Studied habits and brand choice among users of a leading men's grooming product
    Global Men's Grooming Category

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